The European, Middle Eastern and African Outsourcing Industries

With Brexit, the French election and Africa’s continued explosion onto the outsourcing scene, the European, Middle Eastern and African (MENA) outsourcing industries should be on your radar screen to watch. Brexit and the European Outsourcing Industry The prospect of the … Read More

Carl Camden’s BEST Career Advice in a Gig Economy

Enticed by the freedom of working when, where and how they want, today’s employees increasingly are taking on short-term work, longer-term contract jobs or side “gigs” instead of permanent positions, with the advantages of flexibility, variety and the ability to follow their passions. Attractive among millennials and … Read More

Will Offshore Outsourcing Return Home

The sourcing community has spoken much about the possibility that service automation and rising protectionist sentiment will lead to massive reshoring of business services. But what is the reality? In this article, we seek to answer the question, “To what extent are organizations reshoring services as a consequence of … Read More